36. Ongoing Client Relationships That Foster "Raving Fans" - Part 2

It's not enough to aim at having a satisfied customer; what you should be aiming at is a customer who is so overwhelmed by the service they've received that they have to tell everyone about it.

Our conversation continues around this idea, which comes from Ken Blanchard's book Raving Fans.
Prioritizing creating a great client experience is a long game. It's not just about the immediate benefit of revenue, and so much more about the ongoing relationship and benefits of playing that infinite game.

When your clients' goals and your goals can align, that's where the magic happens!

When it's not working, how do you identify exactly what's not working, tackle those problems, and know when to call it? And starting that conversation about whether things are working can be challenging, but has the potential to engage clients who can either become raving fans or who would be better served at another firm.

At Accrew, we're still thinking about and working on all of this! There could be better ways to gather proactive data on client satisfaction with as little effort from the client as possible. And we want to continue finding opportunities to add even more value and align our values and priorities with the clients' goals.

We aim to love working with our clients. Listen in to part 2 of 2 episodes of our discussion around building excellent client relationships that foster them becoming "raving fans."

Links mentioned in this episode
Link to RAVING FANS | A Revolutionary Approach to Customer Service by Ken Blanchard

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36. Ongoing Client Relationships That Foster "Raving Fans" - Part 2
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