35. Ongoing Client Relationships That Foster "Raving Fans" - Part 1

It's not enough to aim at having a satisfied customer; what you should be aiming at is a customer who is so overwhelmed by the service they've received that they have to tell everyone about it. For us, that's been a key element to our growth through referrals from both client & referral partners.
This idea comes from Ken Blanchard's book Raving Fans. We think this starts with understanding what makes your firm unique and enjoyable to work with. If your best fit clients love working with you because of how fast you work, how precise your reports are, or how effectively and frequently you communicate - that's what makes working with you awesome and creates raving fans.

Then, once you're engaged with clients who are a great fit and are picking up what you're putting down, you need to continue showing up in that way day after day.

Building systems and fostering a team that makes working with you an enjoyable experience for your clients creates raving fans.

And only offering the kinds of services you enjoy allows you to continue loving what you do!

Listen in to part 1 of 2 episodes where we discuss building trust and relationships with clients that make them "raving fans" and some of the systems and processes we implement to make sure this happens as often as possible. 

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Link to RAVING FANS | A Revolutionary Approach to Customer Service by Ken Blanchard

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35. Ongoing Client Relationships That Foster "Raving Fans" - Part 1
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